Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Florida Vinjes say hi with pics

Hello everyone... Thanks for your patience (if you still have any left) Here are some pics of our newest man of the house Ian, and his big brother Edison. Ian was born on June 1st so he is about 4 moths old and Edison just turned three years old last month. Time is screaming by but these are indeed happy times. Enjoy the pics and we would love to hear from everyone.


Mike n Rubie n Edison n Ian n Maggie

New baby new home

"pssst...hey Edison...why did they dress me like this?"

little frog

Mommy ran over flipper

The house is all done!
It's a real enjoyable place to live in.
Take care everyone!


Prasti said...

yay for photos! i love the one of edison giving ian a bath...very sweet. the house looks fantastic!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures Mike!!


Kristin said...

Personally, I love the picture of Edison trying to revive flipper :) Can't wait to visit you in July!!!

Grandma Kathryn said...

Happy to see everyone in pictures, Glad to see Edison is such a great Brother to Ian, It is a big job Edison ,
keep up the good work. Love the house.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see new pictures Mike & Rubie. See you all in a couple of weeks. ~Ibu Erna & Grandpa John~

Bill and Meg said...

Finally checked this blog again... the house looks great and Ian is adorable! Hope you're all doing well.