Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Florida Vinjes say hi with pics

Hello everyone... Thanks for your patience (if you still have any left) Here are some pics of our newest man of the house Ian, and his big brother Edison. Ian was born on June 1st so he is about 4 moths old and Edison just turned three years old last month. Time is screaming by but these are indeed happy times. Enjoy the pics and we would love to hear from everyone.


Mike n Rubie n Edison n Ian n Maggie

New baby new home

"pssst...hey Edison...why did they dress me like this?"

little frog

Mommy ran over flipper

The house is all done!
It's a real enjoyable place to live in.
Take care everyone!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We've Been Busy

Sorry folks it's taken forever but we've been busy, with the new house and the newest addition of our family... our new baby boy.
I'll get my act together and try get some new pics of the house and the baby as soon as I get a chance!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

House Construction Pics (part 3)

Once the trusses were up the put on the plywood roof deck

It was a really neat open space inside

They then put on a waterproof membrane and then started with the roofing tiles.

Inside, a whole lotta air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and other stuff was getting installed

We also had a lot of insulation installed. This is some of the spray foam we had them put in around the garage interior to save cooling costs.

Earlier they installed the big items like this tub in the master bathroom.

Once all the houses guts were installed in the walls, they started on the dry wall. In this picture they are halfway through their filling and sanding.

This area is the kitchen. the angled area above is the top of the staircase.

This is how it looks as they get started with the stucco installation on the outside.

Edison seems to approve...

House construction pics (part 2)

The construction crew went right to work on the 2nd floor itself. This was used by the crew building the 2nd floor outer walls.

Kind of wierd how we had a second floor without any walls for a little while...

In a few days they had the second floor exterior walls done.

I love this pic. It is Edison walking up the stairs in his new home for the very first time.

Time to add the front porch roof:

And then they brought the crane out to install the roof trusses.

The truss segments came in one huge package on the back of a semi. They spent half a day sorting out all of the parts and then started slamming it together.
Roof trusses complete!

Roof trusses viewed from the inside:

Finally...pics of the house being built (part 1)

Okay everyone, I am finally able to get these pics out. Our new house has been several years in the planning and now it is rapidly being completed. We are very happy with how it is turning out. I think we may be able to move in by mid-April.

First, you need a so-so house on a fantastic lot:

Add one mean piece of diesel machinery...

And now you have nothing, but not for long. First the dirt, then the pipes.

All ready to pour the foundation

First floor outer walls go up...

Time to take a look.
Edison is a tough inspector
No turning back now!
1st floor interior walls and 2nd floor trusses next...

More pics in the next post.....

Big Hello to everyone!

Okay, that test went fine. I want to show a pic of the little one During Christmas. Edison luvs dem tractors.... must be a genetic thing. Thanks to everyone for Edison's gifts. He had a blast!

He is also a great help on the house. He'll fix things that you didn't realize were broken...

For Halloween he went as a pirate. He had a lot of fun but he doesn't really know what to do with the candy that everyone was handing him. I don't think he knew what was inside the wrappers (and we weren't about to clue him in).

This is Edison and his buddy Wyatt. They just found a mud puddle and they can't believe their luck. Nor can we.

Well, Edison is beat after a long day... how a two year old can hog a queen size bed is beyond me, but he is a guy with a lot of abilities...

Take care,